Castello Ursino, the castle that does not crack up

Castello Ursino, the castle that does not crack up

Stern and mysterious, it hides a blazing history, jealously guarded behind those foreboding towers.

To each castle its legend. Ursino is therefore considered as an unassailable fortress. Built in the 13th century, the impressive construct and its four towers were ordered by Frederick II, King of Sicily. Constantly at war with the papacy, this tempestuous sovereign, dearly loved by his people, provoked the wrath of Pope Gregory IX, who compared him to the Antichrist. His followers bestowed the Sleeping Emperor moniker on him, due to his aura and scandalous reputation, for they believed he would come back to them after a long sleep in the volcano's crater.
Good or evil, the building is one of the few to have withstood the 1693 earthquake. It was even said that its pit filled up with lava when the Etna blew up with anger in the 17th century. Calmer today, the castle houses a museum that offers temporary exhibitions. Let the castello's history carry you away, as you are reminded of its grandiose magnificence.

Castello Ursino
Piazza Federico II di Svevia
95121 Catania

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