Diana: retro cuisine

Diana: retro cuisine

In typical Bolognese fashion, the restaurant offers tortellini, lasagne, tagliatelle and other traditional regional dishes. This is a must-go-to.

If you visit the city for the first time, take the opportunity to stroll down Via dell'Independenza and cross the threshold at Diana's, the temple of traditional Bolognese cuisine. The slightly vintage decor will instantly take you to 1909 Italia, when the place first opened.

Diana makes no fuss with the decoration: white tablecloths, a few frames upon the walls, a lovely vintage clock hanging in the middle of the dining room and a subtly ornamented ceiling.

Food and service are on par. Waiters wear suits – with ties or bowties, it depends, and they carve or slice meat and fish in front of you, proudly exhibiting their craft. The menu is extremely varied, as it offers tender roasted meat, penny buns, parmesan and truffles salad, essential pasta dishes, as well as seafood. Of course, the wine list is just as complete. Thankfully, the sommelier will be there to guide you pick a wine that matches your dish.

Ristorante Diana
Via dell'Indipendenza, 24
40121 Bologna

+39 051 231 302


Menu: around 40 EUR