Discovery of the Orient at the Arab World Institute

Discovery of the Orient at the Arab World Institute

The Arab World Institute carries you across the Mediterranean to discover rich and splendid cultures.

Just a few steps from the Saint Bernard quay, in Paris' 5th arrondissement, stands an astonishing building, to say the least, with mashrabiya-covered facades. Welcome to the Arab World Institute, a unique place that aims to establish and maintain close ties between Eastern and Western cultures.
Founded in 1987, the Institute invites you to meet Arab cultures. On four floors, move through several themes – the birth of an identity or the transition from multiple gods to one God; wander in the reconstruction of an Eastern city before discovering the many expressions of Arab-Muslim beauty. Thanks to a diverse collection and ties with other museums, you will be immersed in a unique and colourful culture. Built upon a thematic route, the museum is interested in the history of men in the Arab world. This tour expands upon five themes: the Arabias, Sacred and Divine Figures, Arab Cities, Beauty and Leisure Activities. An enriching time that will take you on a journey.

Institut du monde arabe
1, rue des Fossés-Saint-Bernard
75005 Paris

+ 33 (0)1 40 51 38 38