El-Fishawi: one of Cairo's most popular cafés

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El-Fishawi: one of Cairo's most popular cafés

At the heart of the Khan al-Khalili souk hides this authentic, historic café that you absolutely have to try!

Once you have meandered through the maze of narrow streets leading to it, set yourself down for a while on one of the chairs, close your eyes, and let yourself be imbued with its atmosphere. In this hubbub, where the voices of merchants and waiters intermingle with the sound of glasses on copper tables, you may relive what the regulars, including author Nagib Mahfouz and singer Umm Kulthum, had known when they frequented this place.

This café has existed for more than a century and has retained its aged patina, which can be seen in its large pitted mirrors and beautiful chandeliers. Rather than order a coffee or a regular tea, try instead yansoon, an aniseed tea, or karkaday, a hibiscus infusion. This is the Egyptian national drink.

Come rather late in the morning for the atmosphere, when the souk is in full swing.

El-Fishawi Alley
Khan al-Khalili

+20 (0)2 2590 6755

Menu: around 17 EGP