Gesto, an ecological gesture

Gesto, an ecological gesture

With Gesto, discover an original concept restaurant.

No waiters here, just small blackboards and a bit of chalk. You can order baos, buns stuffed with pork and roast pepper, poached eggs and their potato cream, salmon sashimi with almonds, Korean cauliflower and mini quinoa arancini with burrata and sundried tomatoes, all in miniature sizes to limit food waste. The concept is all about making a “gesture” by preparing small portions at an affordable price so you can try a variety of dishes. The designer setting uses recovered materials and the walls are covered with sketches of illustrious figures – such as Frida Kahlo and Gandhi – and quotations from poetry and literature to liven up the scene. For dessert, choose a tangerine and chocolate sorbet, you will be happy you did!

Borgo San Frediano 27r
50124 Firenze

+39 055 241288

4 dishes around 16 EUR