Mrs Pound: Asia on your plate

Mrs Pound: Asia on your plate

A mysterious cabaret dancer invites you on an ecumenical journey.

Mrs Pound loves mystery. Her sign-less restaurant is hidden behind a tired stamp shop. Mrs Pound was a famous cabaret dancer who stopped at the height of her career. The legend makes you want to try the restaurant.

At the far end of the fuchsia and green walls is the portrait of a beautiful woman who looks like Rita Hayworth. But you came to indulge yourself and you will not regret it. The concept of Mrs Pound is based on the reinterpretation of Asian street food, and not just Hong Kong street food. The menu offers a laksa, Malaysian noodles in spicy soup, served like Korean bibimbap, that is to say, mixed with seasoned beef and a fried egg.

You may also try the Sukhumvit 38 Pad Thai, inspired by the key Thai dish and cooked with cabbage, yellow pepper, tamarind and hot peppers. So many culinary rarities.

Mrs Pound
6, Pound Lane
Sheung Wan
Hong Kong

+852 3426 3949

Menu: around 170 HKD