Torre Prendiparte, B&B in the Tower

Torre Prendiparte, B&B in the Tower

High up a tower, this small and charming Bed & Breakfast offers a breathtaking vista upon the city of Bologna, with a chance for an unforgettable night.

Unusual address if there ever was one, Torre Prendiparte is one of the rare towers still standing in Bologna. Its owner describes it as an exclusive shelter providing powerful emotions. The tower is visible from the city heights but to reach it, you will have to lose yourself through the narrow streets of Bologna. Matteo Giovanardi will welcome and help you climb the twelve floors of the 66-metre-high tower up to the roof, where you will enjoy a majestic vista onto the city.

Built in mid-11th century, the tower was used for defence against enemies and later as a prison for people you had committed crimes against religion. Matteo will be more than happy to give you all the details about what people call la coronata (the crowned one). It has been completely restored and a 3-storey suite comprised of multiple bedrooms, a kitchen and a living room has been installed. You can book it for the night.

To cap it all, you can hire a private chef and a musician to sublimate the evening. Just be careful, you have to reserve the suite well in advance!

Torre Prendiparte
Piazzetta Prendiparte, 5
40100 Bologna

+39 051 589 023

Rooms: from 500 EUR