Victoria & Alfred Waterfront: let the renewal begin

Victoria & Alfred Waterfront: let the renewal begin

Undergoing redevelopment, the seafront offers a great place for a shop.

All tourists' explorations, at one time or another, lead to the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, if only to embark on the boat for Robben Island. As the port is still active here, there is much to be seen, with Table Mountain looming in the background.

Built in 1860, the waterfront had its golden days before falling into disrepair. Now it is in full recovery. Today the area is again on the crest of a wave: the architect Heinrich Wolff has redeveloped the former Blue Shed market. Renamed Watershed, the building has been reimagined as a long street bordered by little stands presenting a beautiful array of African design and handmade goods. But that's not all.

By 2017, the Zeitz MOCAA, the first contemporary art museum in South Africa, will open its doors here in a former grain silo. Waiting for the big day, you can take a long walk through the 150 shops on hand.

Victoria & Alfred Waterfront
17 Dock Rd
8002 Cape Town

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