Travel insurance policies

This compact insurance package from ELVIA combines all of the major insurance services at a convenient price and will protect you (all over the world), from the time of booking until you return home.

The travel protection package includes
  • Travel cancellation insurance,
  • Medical insurance for trips overseas,
  • Emergency travel insurance,
  • Baggage insurance: Amount of cover: €2,000 per person
  • Travel liability insurance: Amount of cover: €500,000 per person, all‑inclusive for personal injury and material damages

Comprehensive insurance

Travel cancellation protection: ELVIA refunds the contractually owed cancellation fee from the insured travel arrangement in the event of failure to commence the journey, and additional costs for the journey in the event of delayed departure for the insured reasons (§ 2 AVB RR), alternatively the necessary costs for care and treatment following an unexpected severe illness or accidental injury of a person at risk, up to the amount of the cancellation costs.
  • Unexpected severe illness, death, severe accidental injury;
  • Vaccination intolerance, pregnancy;
  • considerable material damage to the property of the insured person due to fire, explosions, storms, lightning bolts, floods, earthquakes or intentional offence committed by a third party;
  • loss of employment of the insured person or of persons at risk travelling with the insured person due to unexpected compulsory redundancy;
  • unexpected reinstatement following unemployment at the time of the booking of the insured person or of a person at risk travelling with the insured person.
Excess: Excess: 20% of the reimbursable loss (at least € 25 per person).

Medical insurance for trips overseas: refunds the costs for medical aid required abroad in accordance with the insurance terms and conditions in the event of acute illnesses and accidental injuries during trips abroad. Patient repatriation, if medically indicated; in addition, daily hospital charges are paid for. Services in Germany: daily hospital charges, repatriation and transfer. Excess: € 100 per person for each insured event.
Emergency travel insurance: provides and organises assistance worldwide in the event of emergencies abroad. The ELVIA assistance emergency hotline is available 24 hours a day by calling a central telephone number.
Baggage insurance: refunds the present value of the baggage in the event of theft or robbery and any damages or losses during the trip, up to an amount of €2,000 per person, provided the agreed insured sum corresponds to the total value of the personal baggage.
Travel liability insurance: Insurance cover against legal claims for damages asserted by third parties based on personal injury and damage to property up to the amount of the agreed sum insured. No insurance cover is provided, among other things, for damage caused through the use of motor-driven vehicles or due to hunting and as a basic principle for items taken charge of (exception: rented premises). Nor is insurance cover provided for liability damage based on occupational activities, cf. § 3 AVB RH.

Product information

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  • Type of trip: only valid for airline travel
  • Scope: worldwide
  • Price of trip: up to €6,500 per person
  • Duration of trip: up to 31 days
  • Single premium: valid for only one person and one trip
Notes on taking out insurance
The travel protection package can only be booked in connection with an Air France ticket.
The travel cancellation insurance is only valid for flights booked through Air France.

Please note that the cancellation protection/travel protection package can only be purchased directly during the flight booking or afterwards in the Air France Call Center on .

AGA International S.A., Germany branch

Safety at all times – all over the world. With ELVIA travel insurance.

Contact details for AGA International S.A. Germany branch:

For queries: +49(0)8962424–363
In the event of damages: +49(0)8962424–0/Fax:-222

For emergencies: +49(0)8962424–245

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