Security and Privacy Policy

Data protection declaration

Air France ensures that when requesting personal information, a link is always given to the General Terms and Conditions. We reserve the right to amend these General Terms and Conditions at any time and request that you familiarise yourself with these General Terms and Conditions on a regular basis.

Data security

Transaction security
We use the latest technology and, in particular, the data exchange protocol SSL in order to guarantee secure online payments.
The software on the SSL server encrypts your information (credit card number, address etc.) with algorithms before it is sent via the internet. The encrypted information cannot be read during transmission and can only be deciphered by our server using a private key.
Encrypting is carried out with the most secure SSL protocol, the SSL 3.0, RC4 with 128 bit encryption, RSA with 512 bit exchange.
You can therefore rely on the secure and confidential transfer of information when purchasing your ticket online.

General recommendations:
Choose an identification number and a password when setting up an account. You will be asked for this information if you wish to make amendments to the details of your account. Your profile and your details are password protected, therefore only you will have access to this personal information. We recommend that you keep your identification number and your password confidential. You are solely responsible for keeping your password and/or the information which you place on your profile confidential.

Please remember to always log off after retrieving your profile and close the browser window. This particularly applies if you share internet access with other users. This way you can avoid other users gaining access to your personal information.

Protection of your private sphere and personal information.

The Air France website was registered by the French Data Protection Authority CNIL (Commission Nationale Informatique et Liberté) under number 661 129 Version 1.

In accordance with the amended French Data Protection Act dated 6 January 1978 (Paragraphs 39 and 40), you have the right to access, revise and erase your personal information. In order to exercise this right, please send an e-mail to the following address:

You can download the amended French DATA PROTECTION ACT NO. 78–17 DATED 6 JANUARY 1978 at (in French).

Use of your personal data:
Air France collects a variety of different types of information via a number of online services. Air France takes the greatest care to safeguard the personal information which you provide us with. You always have full control of your personal information. . If you wish to erase your profile, you will be refused access to all of our online services that require the input of your identification number or your password.
Your details help us to get to know you better and to better fulfil your wishes and expectations.

On our website you may be asked to provide the following personal information:
- Personal information (salutation, surname, first name, date of birth, address, telephone number),
- The delivery address, if necessary,
- An e-mail address (private or business) to which booking confirmations, notifications, confirmations of subscription to a service can be sent in the event that you lose your password or your identification number etc. ,
- Your passport number and nationality,
- Your favourite links on the Air France website,
- The method by which you would generally prefer to receive any flight tickets you purchase on the internet (Please note: your payment data such as card type, credit card number, period of validity and the surname/first name of the cardholder will not be stored),
- Your travel preferences (preferred destinations, airports from which you fly most frequently).

Furthermore we store the following information:
- A record of your reservations and purchases (the pages that you have visited on our website and the browser you have used for this),
- E-mail correspondence (content of your e-mail notifications, your address and our responses).

Data processing:
The information collected can only be used by Air France or a subsidiary company for advertising, business or information purposes, within the scope of which various media can be used.
We also utilise this information if required for data analysis, with the objective of improving our services.

Under special conditions, Air France may be legally obliged to disclose confidential information if this is required in order to identify, arrest or indict a person whose behaviour intentionally or recklessly:
- violates the rights or the property of Air France;
- violates the rights of other users of the Air France website;
- violates the rights of other persons who suffer detriment as a result of this behaviour.

In rare instances, namely when Air France is legally obliged (i.e. if a report is made to the police), the transmission of personal information may take place.

For reasons of flight safety and in order to protect national security, some countries oblige airlines to transmit all or some of the passenger information to them.

The obligation to transmit information applies irrespective of the place of sale and reservation system. If the destination country’s obligation to transmit information is not upheld, this will result in severe sanctions being imposed on the airlines companies involved.

Legal obligations:
Within the framework of French and European legal provisions, Air France guarantees the safety of its customer’s personal information.
Some information is urgently required in order to make the reservation and comply with the transport contract. According to law, customers have the right to refuse transmission of their information.
If a customer makes use of this right, this may result in the journey being cancelled or certain services no longer being offered (e.g. specific dietary requirements).

Note from Air France:
Some personal information provided by the customer upon making a reservation is transmitted to the authorities of the destination country.
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