Please note that flight cancellations linked to the coronavirus (Covid-19) are considered to be due to extraordinary circumstances, therefore exempting airlines from paying compensation.

Due to a large number of requests related to the current health situation, our processing times are longer than usual. Thank you for your understanding.
We are committed to ensuring you travel with peace of mind and that your trip is as enjoyable as possible. If, however, you are not completely satisfied, please send us your claims. We recommend you complete the form below, which will enable us to process your request as soon as possible

Make a claim by mail:

Air France / KLM
Service Client
TSA 60001
60 035 Beauvais Cedex

If you have submitted a claim to our customer service department but are unsatisfied with the response, you have the possibility to contact the Arbitration Board for Public Passenger Transport (SÖP)
Contact information and referral procedures are available in german on the site 
Are you a Flying Blue member and want to submit a claim linked to your card or Miles?
You can also connect with us on social medias. Our web team is standing by to answer any question you may want to ask through Twitter or Facebook. Please, send us your personnal information (booking reference, Flying Blue number) by private message only.
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